Tina’s Bio

Tina Azaria, M.A. specializes in depth psychological and arts-based healing work with individuals and groups. She is the founder of Alembic Arts and author of Sprung, Poetry of Emergence as well as Facing the Depths: Exploring Psyche through the art of masks. Her focus is on working with symbolic and mystery traditions for healing and growth, and is informed by her work with indigenous healers from around the globe. Her work has been presented at academic conferences and has been published in literary and scholarly journals.


Tina holds an M.A. in Psychology (Depth/Jungian emphasis) and a B.A. in Fine Art. She is a Counselor, Healer, Arts Educator, & Artist who has learned from numerous shamanic practitioners from around the world, which has informed her healing, teaching, art and ceremonial work.

Tina draws on numerous traditional and cutting edge healing tools. She is a Reiki Master Teacher*, certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner & Instructor**, Universal Life Church Minister, and Access Bars Practitioner.

She has additional training and experience in arts education, group leadership, psychological group dynamics and processes, and initiation and rites of passage. She brings this experience into her work with individuals, college students, and healing professionals wherever appropriate.


Interested in the healing and integrating potential of the arts, Tina specializes in painting, mask-making, spoken word, and performance art.  Her creative work addresses the archetypal patterns of Trickster and Shaman, and evokes the potency found in transitions and liminal states.  Raised within oral storytelling traditions, she merges story with the creative power of the mask, bridging the realms of consciousness and unconsciousness to unlock the wisdom inherent in the in-between.

She has participated in a variety of collaborative art projects, artist residencies, workshops, and exhibitions. She has worked in an array of media, from sculpture, to photography, video, and installation art. However, most of her creative work to date has been in painting, drawing, poetry/spoken word, and masks.

See Tina’s art at TinaAzaria.com


*Tina was trained as a Reiki Master in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition in 2000.

**Tina is Certified Through the
Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge®:


  • Basic ThetaHealing®
    •Advanced ThetaHealing®
    •Intuitive Anatomy ThetaHealing®
    •Manifesting and Abundance ThetaHealing®
    •World Relations ThetaHealing®
    •Rainbow Children ThetaHealing®
    •DNA 3 ThetaHealing®


  • Basic ThetaHealing Teacher®
    •Advanced ThetaHealing Teacher®
    •Manifesting and Abundance Teacher®