Sweet Synchronicity

HappyI love synchronicities. They give me chills. They make me giggle. They make me scratch my head in wonder. They create a feeling that everything is connected and give me a sense that my life, and all it’s made up of, has depth, richness, and meaning.

Carl Jung first introduced the idea of synchronicity. Basically, it’s a significant “coincidence” where an external, physical phenomenon has a meaningful connection to a person’s internal psychology. There is an acausal connection that, when probed, can yield deep insights into the workings of a particular psyche. Sounds kind of abstract, I know. Here’s an example of a synchronicity that occurred for me today.

Today marked 13 years of love, partnership, and the creative interweaving of two souls on separate yet connected journeys through this world. My sweetie and I spent the day together in Berkeley, brunching, strolling, and enjoying one another’s company as we celebrated the birth of our 13 year partnership.

20141207_151702We were blessed with a simple, yet sweet synchronicity that held so much meaning for us. It felt like an external affirmation of our romantic and creative union, custom fit to our sensibilities. We love to sit and talk and philosophize about the world, culture, the earth, ourselves. We love art, and especially street art, including simple self-expressive graffiti (yes, I know it’s often done illegally, but hey, I see the beauty in it).

We sat for a long time on an enclosed bench on the Berkeley pier, looking out at the bay, watching the white sailed boats, the grey winged birds, the misty green hills as we talked about Life, and specifically, our life together as a creative husband and wife duo.

20141207_144839I glanced at the wall next to him and suddenly saw a spray painted engagement ring that I hadn’t noticed. Then, I turned and looked behind me and saw the word “wife” painted. And here we were celebrating our anniversary. Hee hee. We could’ve sat on any one of 30 enclosed benches along the pier, but we chose this one, the one with street art about the archetypal phenomena we were marking and celebrating at that moment – love, romance, union, marriage, and the archetype of the wife (and by association, the husband), and it showed up in a way that connected us back to our relational beginnings as 2 artists coming together in an inner city art space, 13 years ago. It was a perfect anniversary gift for us.

20141207_145810I’m grateful for my incredibly supportive, creatively inspired and talented husband (check out his music here) and the years of partnership we’ve shared. I know I’m blessed. And I love the reflections and affirmations I see in the world around me, reminding me of my blessings.

Have you noticed any synchronicities in your life lately? I encourage you to begin noticing and tracking them (I do it in my journal) to see what insights you can glean about the patterns woven into your individual, unique soul.

13 years of love :)

13 years of love 🙂


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