Take Time to Reflect

As one year fades into another, it can be helpful to take some quiet time to reflect on where we’ve come from, where we’re at, and where we’re headed.

tea & journalI love to make a hot cup of tea, sit with my journal and review the year behind me, as I contemplate the year ahead. I try to focus on having gratitude for what I have done while acknowledging and learning from what I haven’t (with kindness and self-compassion). I give thanks for my blessings, release the unmet goals, unfulfilled desires, and unlived dreams, and I feel into what my heart and soul wish to dedicate time, energy and resources to going forward.

I look back in time – Where was I at last month, last year, or maybe even last decade?

I examine the present – Where am I right now in my life?

I look to the future – Where do I envision myself going?

Reflecting and planning has become an annual ritual that creates a sense of continuity in my life. Rituals serve an important function for the human psyche. Rituals help establish rhythms and patterns, (like those of nature), in our fluid and fast-moving lives. They give us a way to mark our own movement through the wheel of time. Rituals provide a container that holds life in place on deep and profound levels in the human psyche. That’s why our ancestors have performed them for eons. They create a sense of continuity on the timeline of life. Reflection rituals help us integrate our past and present so that we can move into the future with awareness, balance, and hopefully, a sense of wholeness.

I wish you many blessings for 2015!

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