Spring Sessions Special

It’s Spring, the Earth is lush and abundant and I’m feeling tons of love and gratitude for all of my clients, students, and soul community.

As a Thank You and Nudge of Encouragement, I’m offering a super limited time private session package at a crazy discount.

I’ve been hearing quite a bit from folks lately… “I’ve been wanting to/meaning to/needing to book a session.” Well, what are you waiting for?!

Now’s the time to slough off the dead-weight energy you’ve been carrying around and hit the refresh button on your life. To make it even easier for you to come in and see me (or do a phone session), I’m offering this one-time Spring Sessions Special, available only until the Equinox – March 21, 2016.


Soul-Path-IconGet 3 x 60 min sessions for $300! Normally $135 each ($405 for 3) = a $105 savings!!*

This package can be used as 3 – 60 min sessions or as 2 – 90 min sessions, whichever you prefer. Private sessions take place in person in Windsor, CA or via phone. Learn more about Private Sessions by Clicking Here

3 x 60 min private sessions – BUY NOW


While a single session can bring clarity and relief, those who come in regularly receive the most benefit from this work. You wouldn’t do a 1 hour cleanse and expect to release all the built up toxins or go to a gym once and expect to get fit. It’s the same with soul work. Consistent work brings the greatest results. So if you’re serious about removing blocks, releasing stuck energy and gaining the clarity, focus and courage needed to manifest your dreams, investing in a package is the way to go.

*Package must be purchased by March 21, 2016, midnight PT. Purchase is non-refundable. Paid Value Expires 6 mos After Purchase. Promotional Value Expires 90 days After Purchase. By purchasing this package you are agreeing to the above conditions.