Soul Voice

Expressive Arts help us express a depth of experience and emotion. When we suffer from physical or emotional pain, are under mental duress, are touching into wounds and trauma for which words are inadequate or altogether unavailable, it’s helpful to turn to expressive arts – visual, music, drama, or movement – to express amorphous feelings.

Sometimes there are no words to adequately describe what’s going on inside. Expressive arts therapies engage the right brain,  where immense powers of healing, integration, and restoration reside. It’s the realm of images, symbols, ideas, and creative thinking.

The creative process itself is proven to be immensely healing. Central to expressive arts therapy is the belief that the process of making art, in any media, is at least as important as the content expressed and the resultant product created.


Soul-Voice-IconExpressive Arts Therapy Sessions

Individual art-based sessions awaken your innate creativity and bring the wisdom of your deeper self forward in a concrete and tangible way. This work helps you rekindle your creative fire, view your life from expanded perspectives, and tap powerful resources for confronting life’s challenges.

Even when dealing with painful or frightening issues, the experience of creatively expressing yourself provides a sense of safety, hope and empowerment.

Based on your needs and preferences, Expressive Arts Therapies may include: drawing, painting, collaging, sculpting, writing, movement, toning, singing, mask work or psycho-drama.


IMG_1868Expressive Arts Groups

Expressive arts groups are for those who wish to deepen their experience of healing through the arts within a supportive community. We use expressive arts, ritual, active listening and witnessing to facilitate the process of releasing the past, acknowledging pain, and practicing healthy internal and external boundaries and relationships.

This is a place to experiment, play, and gently stretch your boundaries. This group experience combines the power of creative expression, the wisdom of psychology, and the insights of spirituality to create a safe container for discovering who you are, what you desire, and what you are ready to complete and release.



Expressive 20150324_155220Arts Workshops

In my Art-based workshops I provide materials, tools and tips to stimulate imagination. I encourage my students to experiment, play with materials and “zone” into the experience, letting right brain processes take over. There is a focus on gaining insight into one self, having fun, and uncovering the personal voice.


Counseling for Artists & Creatives

In today’s world it can be quite difficult to establish a life that supports your creativity and nourishes your soul. Internal and external expectations and pressures can cause us to repress and even block, consciously or unconsciously, our own creative flow.

I am a multi-modal artist with extensive experience in working with issues and challenges around sustainable creative expression and living as an artist in the modern world.

I work with writers, musicians, actors, visual artists and other creative professionals to help them move beyond self-defeating behaviors and find the balance, discipline and confidence to weave creative work into daily life and develop the means to share it in deeply satisfying ways.


Contact me to inquire about arts-based workshops I offer; to schedule mask lectures, workshops; and if you’re interested in purchasing or showing my artwork.