Send Our World – Even Trump – Love

If I had to boil it down to a simple, 2 word message from my “otherworld” guides, on this inauguration day in the US, it’s Send Love. Send everyone, EVERYONE love. Now’s the time to chose love over fear and hate. Period.

Today’s our chance to rise to love the “enemies” without and within.


It’s easy to give lip service to the ideas of love and compassion. Yet it stretches the ego beyond comfortable limits to love what it’s inclined (not without reason) to fear, or hate, or seriously not understand – that which is truly “other.” This election has brought the shadow of “the other” to the surface and to a head in the collective conscious of our country.


While this whole election has baffled, saddened, and angered me at times, my higher guidance says: Hatred is toxic. It’s toxic energy. It’s that simple, in energetic terms. And love is a balm.


I know it’s cliché (and may sound like rhetoric at this point) to say it boils down to love and hate, trust and fear. But on a soul level, it’s a basic truth.


That doesn’t mean that we don’t experience anger or that we don’t have boundaries. It doesn’t mean we accept the unacceptable, like threats to human rights, safety and dignity and to our living planet. Anger can be channeled into healing and transformation with incredible results. It’s a strong, fiery energy that is part of alchemy – the art of transformation.


In fact, it’s dangerous to deny or try to repress anger. It’s crucial to channel and release it safely, mindfully, and constructively.


Anger is a powerful energy to be used with wisdom, humility and compassion. Be mindful and wise with anger.


It’s time for change, no doubt. What we are called to do will be different for each of us. For me, I believe that engaging in radical acts of love and compassion is part of changing the collective story. I believe it’s the next evolution in consciousness. It’s Bodhisattva time.


When I tune in, I Hear:

  • Listen to the body, not the mind, for the feelings (anger, grief, confusion, etc.) that are yours
  • Don’t take on other people’s feelings and beliefs
  • Be mindful of what’s going on inside you
  • Look inside to identify how you feel, and what you need
  • Find ways to release your feelings safely
  • Be aware of the energy and messages you take in and be mindful of what you put your attention on
  • It’s necessary to focus on what’s good in life, in other people and in the world, while still confronting the need for change
  • Connect to hope and a belief in the power of oneness, of true unified consciousness working toward the healing of ourselves and our planet. It is possible. Believe in the possibility.
  • Feed the energy of hope, love, and healing, not fear or hatred.


My inner Jungian says:

Watch what you take in from the collective unconscious and entertain inside you.

Be aware of what you put into the collective unconscious and feed.


My soul and the world soul say to me today:

Love or hate? Fear or trust? What will you cultivate in your soul and in the world?


This is the real test.


I send my prayers and blessings for PEACE, within and without, today and all days.

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