Facing the Depths: Exploring Psyche through the Art of Masks, 2015

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Journey into the inner realms of psyche and imagination where archetypes live, symbols take shape, and alchemical processes create real and lasting change.  Learn about the ancient roots and modern applications of masks as the consummate symbol of transformation, as seen through the lens of Depth Psychological and Shamanic perspectives. Explore the timeless art of shape-shifting and discover why masks have been a focal point in initiation rites, psychological healing, and spiritual practices centered on the transformation of soul, personality, and culture.  In this book, you’ll take a deep dive into the power and mystery of mask-work and come away with a new appreciation for the complexity of this remarkable, age-old vehicle of personal and collective transformation.



Sprung by Tina Azaria

Sprung, Poetry of Emergence, 2014
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Poetry can act as a healing balm for a wounded soul. It expresses and conveys the subtleties and complexities of human experiences, and elicits a deep understanding and emotional response in the reader. Poetry can help us to see more clearly and to feel more deeply, and that is its true power and beauty.

SPRUNG, Poetry of Emergence is a collection of poems and prose written over the course of several decades. These writings explore a mytho-poetic journey through modern-day initiatory experiences. Some of the work in this book has been used by organizations and therapists who work with individuals who are recovering from trauma, as well as in women’s circles and other events.


Journal & Magazine Articles


Depth Insights Cover WInter 2015Depth InsightsScholarly e-Zine for the Jungian & depth psychology community
Issue 8: Winter 2015

Trickster – Archetype of Changing Times  Read the Article Here

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“Trickster tales have been told around the world since ancient times. Trickster can be easy to recognize, but hard to reconcile. It’s one slippery archetype that has been said to be at the very foundation of civilization and culture. Tricksters have been teaching us through trickery since the beginning.”


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Mythology Magazine, A quarterly journal of myth and folklore

December 2015

Medusa’s Evolving Myth, Part 1  Buy the Magazine Here

“Myths are essential to human culture, past, present, and future. They help form the basis of our personal and cultural identities. Freud and Jung, widely acknowledged as the founders of modern psychology, drew on mythology to help better understand human nature. Mythologies contain fragments of a culture’s history and help to preserve the essence of what has been meaningful to them.”


Wave Jul 15 Cover

The Wave, Holistic Journal & Resource for Healthy Living

July/August 2015

Navigating Sudden Change  Read the Issue Here

“You know how it is. You’re flowing along in life’s stream when suddenly there’s a fork in the river and the current forces you into a direction that’s not exactly of your choosing. It’s moving so fast that all you can do is surrender and hold on for the ride. It’s a fact that Life may, at times, push you in a direction you had not expected or decidedly did not want to go. I know it’s happened to me many times before, and it’s happening to me once again.”


13th Moon Cover vol1813th Moon, A Feminist Literary Magazine Vol 18, 2003

    Through Chaos
    No Feeling
   Beauty Worship Cult

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13TH Moon Press is a nonprofit small press whose mission is to expand tradition and foster innovation in literature and related arts.  We live by a feminism of inclusiveness, a poetics of generosity and a love of adventurous writing. We publish two literary journals, one of which is among the oldest continuously published feminist literary journals in the country.


Wings CoverWings Foundation Survivors’ Guide to Healing 1st Edition, 2003

    Profound Nature

Wings Foundation provides education, support, advocacy and training around healing the wounds of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) for individuals, their families, providers and communities. They offer support groups and resources for survivors and Trauma Informed Facilitator training for therapists.

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