My Poetry Book is on its way!

After years of false starts, stepping up and then backing down, beginning to create it, then trashing it again and again, I’ve finally finished my first book of poetry. It will be available for purchase soon on Amazon

Sprung by Tina AzariaSprung: Poetry of Emergence 

Poetry can act as a healing balm for a wounded soul. It expresses and conveys the subtleties and complexities of human experiences, and elicits a deep understanding and emotional response in the reader. Poetry can help us to see more clearly and to feel more deeply, and that is its true power and beauty.

SPRUNG, Poetry of Emergence is a collection of poems and prose written over the course of several decades. These writings explore a mytho-poetic journey through modern-day initiatory experiences that transformed one woman from a wounded child into a compassionate guide for others on a healing journey. Some of the work in this book has been previously published in literary journals and has been used by organizations and therapists who work with individuals who are recovering from trauma, as well as in women’s circles and other events.

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