Mask Making

Why Work with Masks?

Algeria Tassili_cave_painting

Mask work is a form of art therapy that has been around since ancient times. Masks have been worn in healing ceremonies, sacred rites, in theaters and at carnivals since the beginning of human culture. They are found in all cultures – on every continent and in every era.

From years of experiential work and research, I have found masks to be an expressive art form particularly suited to exploring the human psyche. Mask work is a great way to enhance dream work, to deepen our understanding of myths, and to work with symbols. It is incredibly powerful, when approached and contained with the appropriate intention and respect. It can also be gentle, fun, and playful, while also yielding profound experiences and insights.


Mask Workshops

IMG_1867Intro to Mask Making –
Create a custom plaster mask, cast from your own face,  that you can use in performance, for fun, as a starting point on your journey into psychological depth work or to have for future events such as Halloween and masquerades.

Masks and Psyche –
Create a custom mask and learn introductory art therapy and depth psychology techniques to explore symbols and archetypes on your personal journey into your inner depths. No experience required.

Advanced Masking –
Delve deeper into depth psychology concepts such as ego, persona, shadow,and  soul. Learn to work with ancestors, nature spirits and other archetypes using the ancient medium of ceremonial mask work. Pre-requisite – Masks and Psyche.

My Work with Masks

Bali Shadow Puppet MakingMy Master’s Thesis, Masks and the Art of Transformation: A depth psychological study, focused on the ancient roots and contemporary applications of mask work in the realms of psychology, healing, and spiritual practices. I create masks for personal exploration  and healing as well as for sacred performance. I work in an array of media including leather, plaster, resin, and mixed media.

I have studied masking from the perspective of both Eastern and Western cultures, and have had the privilege of learning to carve wooden masks under the tutelage of a traditional Balinese mask maker on a recent trip to Bali (a world-renowned masking culture). I love sharing my passion for mask work and have presented my work at academic conferences, taught in schools and universities, and done talks and workshops throughout the Bay Area for the past five years.

 See Some of Tina’s Masks & Art Here

Workshop / Student Mask Photos