Joyous Being Retreat

woman kissing dolphinKona, Hawaii

March 23-27, 2015

The Joyous Being Retreat is a week of sacred reconnection to your inner Joy.

Set in Lush and Beautiful Kona, Hawaii, immersing you in the Art of Embodying

Joy in Every Cell of Your Body;
Every Aspect of Your Life.
What Would You Be, Do, Have & Create if You Were a Living Embodiment of Joy?

We have created an intimate gathering, weaving together Somatic Therapy, Depth Psychology, Expressive Arts, Sound Healing, Movement & Dance, Eco-Therapy, Dolphin Swim & Connections, Mask Making, Meditation, Manifestation, Access Consciousness Bodywork, ThetaHealing & Sacred Rituals in order to:

  • Unwind all the ways in which your body, mind and heart have kept you from receiving love, pleasure, connection, presence, positivity, happiness, beauty and rest.
  • Let Go of Playing Small, Holding In, Holding Back, Silencing the Authenticity of Who You truly Be?
  • Allow Yourself a Sacred Space to Be With All of Who you Are and Meet yourself with Love & Acceptance
  • Play, Laugh, Share, Connect, Heal, Witness and Commune with Other Souls Committed to Joy
  • Reconnect and Rejuvenate that deep down feeling of Magic, Miracles and Enjoyment in Everyday Life.
  • Release the myth that Joyous Being means Hiding Your Anger, Tears, Grief, Loneliness, Longing and Fear.
  • Have Appreciation and Deep Joy Fuel your Creativity, Purpose & Presence

PS: *Did We Mention—We Go Swim In the Wild with Dolphins? After a Crystal Bowl Sound Bath?

How Does It Get More Fun Than That?!