Get Grounded (Part 2)

In space and timeThe ground nourishes our roots. Like a tree, we gain energy, nourishment, stability and growth when we are grounded in the present moment, present in the body and firmly connected to our environment. Without presence, we are separated from ourselves, from nature and from our sources of soul connection in this world. (Read Part 1 for more info).

Grounding anchors us in Time and Space – By excavating our roots we connect to older, deeper, and more instinctual parts of ourselves. We are in touch with the depths of our humanity and what Carl Jung called the collective unconscious – the immeasurable storehouse of human knowledge, experience, and wisdom available to everyone.

When we claim our roots, we connect to our past, our family history and cultural heritage. It helps us know who we are and where we come from. It gives us a center point inside of ourselves, a root to the world tree, of which all people are a part. When we ground ourselves and get rooted we strengthen our natural instincts and can draw from the vast wisdom of our bodies and of the earth.

mapGrounding gives us direction. Cut off from this vital source of connection and wisdom, we can more easily lose our path in life. Many people who have not found their true path may have simply not yet found their ground. Gazing skyward, we don’t see the point (in time and space) where our feet meet the path below and in front of us.

It makes us more effective – When you bring your consciousness down into your body, into the Root Chakra (at the base of your spine) and get grounded (see meditation at the end of this post) you will gain a real anchor. Visualizing and directing your thoughts will literally help you be more grounded. When you’re grounded you’re more effective in the “real” world. (Read Part 1 for more info).

Grounding brings security and authenticity. You can usually notice people who are firmly grounded and present. They have an authenticity and humbleness about them. Because their feet are firmly planted on the ground, they are in touch with the earth, and they know they never have far to fall. This knowing provides a solid sense of inner security. Those who are grounded know how to embrace stillness and can benefit greatly from the clarity it provides.

forestGrounding releases stress from our whole being. It’s like sending an energetic grounding rod, (like is done with electricity or for lightning), that allows the excess stress to drain out. All of the energies (other people’s thoughts, emotions, and “vibes,” our own thoughts and emotions, conscious and unconscious, etc.) that pile on top of us in the course of a day can be released into a larger energetic body (the earth) which can process and dissipate it with ease. When we ground out the stresses of life we increase our vitality and basic life force.

Easy Grounding Meditation

Find at least 5 minutes of uninterrupted time for yourself. Take several long, slow deep breaths and get your body into as comfortable a state as possible.

Take deep breaths in and out. As you inhale and exhale, feel tension releasing, feel your muscles relaxing. Feel yourself growing more and more present in your own body.

With every breath, you’re going to sink deeper and deeper. Pull your awareness down from your head into your chest, feeling your lungs expanding and contracting, your heart beating. Now pull your awareness down into your abdomen, moving your awareness slowly down to the base of your spine.

Now push your awareness down both of your legs and imagine two cords of awareness, cords of energy and consciousness pushing through the bottoms of your feet and down into the floor(s) below you. See it, sense it, feel it going all the way down through the building’s foundation and into the cool, moist earth below.

Now dig these roots of consciousness deeper into the earth, deep into soil, into, around and through rocks, deeper and deeper into the earth. Imagine these cords, these roots, stretching all the way down to the very center of the earth. Use all of your senses to imagine the sights, sounds, smells, textures of burrowing to the Earth’s core.

Now, leaving your roots down there and begin pulling up the energies of nourishment, support, and stability. Pull it all the way up through the layers of earth, past all you saw on the way down. Pull it up your roots, into the building, through the floor, into your feet, up your legs and through your entire body – toes to finger tips, base of spine to the top of your head. Feel yourself anchored in your body and in the earth.

Happy grounding!

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