Hi!  My name is Tina Azaria. I’m an author, artist, and guide into the natural healing and restorative abilities of psyche / soul.


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I help change seekers align with infallible inner wisdom through private sessions, groups, and workshops.


I believe that soul is the best compass and most trustworthy guide in these times of rapid change, overwhelming complexity, and profound loss and suffering. Your soul knows what’s needed to restore balance and wholeness to your life. It knows the truth of who you are. It knows how to align with the larger purpose of your life. It’s your best guide through complex life areas such as balanced relationships, right livelihood, restoring or enhancing health – you name it. Your own soul is your best guide forward.


I act as a guide into the depths of psyche, into soul. I work with the subtle field, the unconscious, and the imaginal and I teach others how to access these deeper, more reliable ways of knowing for themselves. See my credentials here.


The language of the soul is symbols. I act as a guide into the world of symbols and archetypes, alchemy (transformation) and dreams. I’m a guide into symbolic systems that help us understand the subtle, yet incredibly influential realms of energy, imagination, and the unconscious.

Dissolve 2004

Dissolve, 2004. Oil on Canvas.  Tina Azaria


I work at the intersection of psychology, art, and spirituality, drawing on tools from depth and energy psychologies, imaginal and art therapies, and shamanic and mystery traditions.


I go beyond theories and ideas to ground this work into the body and into daily life. I help people get more present (*awake* and aware right here, right now), embodied (tuned in to vast information and wisdom in the body), clear in head and heart, and attuned to the deeper impulses and fool-proof guidance coming from their own souls.


I support folks from all walks of life on a journey of self-healing and discovery – people who want to find true balance and happiness and make a difference in their world.


Bali Shadow Puppet MakingI grew up in a family of magical oral storytellers, “psychics,” and wilderness loving urban folks (in Denver, Colorado). Which has influenced the way I see the world. I intrinsically see and respond to the world intuitively and symbolically.

I show others how to connect with their intuition and intrinsic ability to receive and interpret information coming from the depths of soul.

Since childhood, I’ve had an innate instinct to respond to my own complex trauma (and the suffering and confusion within and around me) with creative expression. See my art TinaAzaria.com

I know from personal experience the power of using arts and imaginal processes to release frustration, grief, angst, trauma, confusion, and overwhelm. Creative expression helps us integrate personal and collective shadow. And, it’s accessible and beneficial for everyone.

Fun Tina Facts


I became aware of my own soul compass as a teen, after experiencing a painful, humbling hospitalization in response to my “unruly behavior.”

Task Master 2002

Task Master, 2002. Oil on Canvas. Tina Azaria


This led me on an unexpected thirty year journey of healing repair and discovery that informs the transformational, soul-centered work I do. (See Sprung, Poetry of Emergence for a creative reflection of my initiatory journey).


I began apprenticing under my brilliant healer auntie at her holistic health clinic while still in my teens. I studied many healing and spiritual arts with amazing teachers along with pursuing formal degrees in Fine Art (BA) and Psychology (MA). See my professional bio here.


I’m a born empath and intuitive with over three decades of training, experience, and education in:

  • healing and restoring balance to psyche/soul;
  • guiding and tracking personal transformation;
  • exploring human potential; and
  • using the arts to heal and transform.


me in ocean

I know how to balance transformational inner work with the myriad outer demands on time, energy and resources.

I learned to do this work efficiently. Because I had to. I infuse it with play and joy. Because I want to.


I bring the best of what I’ve learned, along with a playful spirit, deep compassion and endless curiosity into the private sessions, classes, and groups I provide in person in the Bay Area, CA, online and via phone.


It’s my soul service to share easy, accessible, yet powerful change-inducing, soul-connecting tools, techniques, and resources with curious, big-hearted people like you.


Because I love it and I know it works.

It comes down to this: when we restore balance in our selves and our lives, we’re more equipped to help restore balance in our communities and our world.


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